Grant Middleton - Career and Qualifications

I went to school at Mosspark Primary (1972-1979) and Bellahouston Academy (1979-1984). I finished school with 8 Scottish 'O' Grades and 4 Scottish Highers.

After school, I went straight into Strathclyde University (1984-1988), where I gained a degree in Electonic & Microprocessor Engineering.

My first job out of uni' was at Marconi Simulation in Donibristle Industrial Estate in Fife. I stayed with Marconi from 1988 to 1995.

After Marconi, I went to work for the video games company DMA Design in Dundee. I worked on the first version of Grand Theft Auto (PC and Playstation), designing the audio engine and writing some of the music tracks ("Automatic Transmission" and "Lagerstars"). During 1996, I helped to set up the American subsidiary of DMA, Devils Thumb Entertainment in Boulder, CO.

I returned to my old job at Marconi in 1997, where the company went through various names, finally deciding on BAE Systems by the time I left again in 2010.

In late 2010, I started working for SanDisk in Leith, Edinburgh. The team I worked for created software simulations of the Flash memory dies used in USB sticks, SD cards, etc. I worked for SanDisk until 2012, and met founders Eli Harari and Sanjay Mehrotra when they came to visit the Scottish office.

I finished work at SanDisk in 2012 and returned to Fife, to start working for local company Bitwise. Bitwise provide embedded software solutions for clients in the medical, defense and automotive spaces. I am still working for Bitwise seven years down the line and find it a great company with stimulating work.

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